The use of Art for Aesthetic Purposes


When talking about art, what comes to mind? Well, art is associated with aesthetics evident in different walks of life. For many years, art has been used to promote aesthetics in buildings, streets, and apparel respectively. In some countries in the West, the dome shaped buildings are a depiction of how art can be used to promote aesthetics.

Over the years, the human race has come a long way regarding showing appreciation to the beauty depicted on buildings, streets, clothes and the environment at large. In essence, the art used in creating such aesthetics is what draws the attention of art enthusiasts to buildings, statues on the streets or fashion exhibition.


Eiffel tower view from the street of Paris. Black and white photo with red element.World Cities that are Popular Because of Art

Some of the cities across the world that are now popular on the international map have managed to gain such popularity through artwork. Among the most famous cities around the world in this regard include:

  • Paris
  • Athens
  • Rome
  • New York City

In these cities, art enthusiasts are not only treated to the best pieces of artwork but also can experience art in locations such as parks, streets, and restaurants respectively.

Art Promotes Cultural and National Heritage

Most of the artwork across the world are pieces that were developed in ancient times. As a result, their preservation from one generation to another has ensured that some of the world’s oldest heritages remain intact.

Art as a Platform to Articulate Pressing Issues

As a platform for self-expression, art in a way has been used in some parts of the world to articulate pressing issues. In underdeveloped regions, for instance, the use of graffiti and caricatures has played a role of reminding the establishment of the plight faced by the disadvantaged in the society. The oppressed in different parts around the globe have also endeavored to use art to showcase their discontent.


While the use of art in the West for various purposes has been more pronounced, other parts of the world are also realizing the power of art for self-expression, entertainment, aesthetic value and promoting cultural heritage. As such, the role that art plays in the society is immense.

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