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The Influence Of Modern Art

Most modern artists want to create societal changes that will successfully alter the human condition. It started in the first decades of the twentieth century and comes in many different forms. Modern art does not only include paintings and sculptures but also photos, films, graphic designs, installations, performance shows and much more. It’s this wide

Heath Benefits of Art Creating

Creativity is not only an exercise of the mind and emotions, but turns out to be physically good for you as well. Creating, or experiencing culture in any capacity has been found to reduce stress and depression, and improve people’s ability to be spontaneous. In some cases, like writing, it can even help with medical

Art – The Art of Expressing your Inner Soul

In the stressful times in which we currently live, it is imperative that we find an appropriate medium to creatively express our deepest feelings and thoughts. Many choose the written word to pen down poems and articles, while many others go the more colourful way and choose art to bare their souls. The horizon of

How Art is meeting Diverse needs of Humankind

  The role that art plays in the society is significant as evident on how the platform is being used to meet different needs of humankind. Human wants are varied and should be met if one is to reach the level of self-actualization. Other than the needs advanced by Abraham Maslow, humankind also need satisfaction

The use of Art for Aesthetic Purposes

  When talking about art, what comes to mind? Well, art is associated with aesthetics evident in different walks of life. For many years, art has been used to promote aesthetics in buildings, streets, and apparel respectively. In some countries in the West, the dome shaped buildings are a depiction of how art can be

Film as a Form of Art

  Some of the generalized purposes of art is to entertain and express meanings and emotions. In the modern world today, the entertainment industry has no geographical boundaries. Films produced in different parts of the world reach their target audiences even in the remotest parts of the planet earth. Types of Films as a Form


  The history of art can be traced back to the beginning of humankind and may denote something that is creative, appealing to eyes or generates excitement to enthusiasts. Around the world, various art forms serve different purposes to the intended audiences. Popular Art Forms In essence, some of the popular art forms around the