Film as a Form of Art


Some of the generalized purposes of art is to entertain and express meanings and emotions. In the modern world today, the entertainment industry has no geographical boundaries. Films produced in different parts of the world reach their target audiences even in the remotest parts of the planet earth.

Types of Films as a Form of Art

There are various film forms that resonates with the preferences of film enthusiasts across the world. Among the popular types of films across the globe include:

  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • Epic
  • Comedy
  • Movie


Macro shot of a camera lens with lights reflecting and lens flare.The Aim of Films as a Form of Art

Films tend to serve different purposes and often target a particular set of audiences. For instance, animations are more likely to be associated with children. As such, most animation productions aim to entertain children who are film enthusiasts. For enthusiasts who enjoy humor, producers in the film industry meet their entertainment desires through comedy.

Since art is seen as a platform to relive past events, Film can be used to showcase such previous events. In this light, a film genre such as epic serves the purpose of ensuring that enthusiasts interested in reliving stories of the past are entertained. There is also a group of film enthusiasts whose interest is on information regarding various topical issues. As such, they can derive their entertainment from documentaries.

Movies, on the other hand, serves the needs of film enthusiasts who are accustomed to attending cinemas to watch the latest blockbusters movies.

Popular Festivals Appreciating Film as a Type of Art

As part of appreciating film as a form of art, various stakeholders in the film industry have made it a practice to appreciate the best films on an annual basis. Among the notable film festivals across the globe that recognise film artists, producers, and other persons or organisations playing a significant role in the industry include:

  • Cannes Film Fest
  • The Oscars
  • Berlin International Film Festival


As a platform to provide entertainment, art can rely on films to ensure enthusiasts across the world continue to appreciate art in different forms.

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