How Art is meeting Diverse needs of Humankind


The role that art plays in the society is significant as evident on how the platform is being used to meet different needs of humankind.

Human wants are varied and should be met if one is to reach the level of self-actualization. Other than the needs advanced by Abraham Maslow, humankind also need satisfaction in other areas of life. For instance, leading a productive life also require humans to have time for entertainment. Such entertainment needs can be realized through different forms of art.


How Mankind Appreciates Art

When attending to their art needs, humankind tend to appreciate art in various ways. There are those who appreciate art through music, films, while others appreciate art by visiting different art sites to relive their artistic experiences. Others appreciate art by supporting initiatives meant to ensure art sites are properly maintained to remain appealing for many generations to come.

Dollar seamless pattern, economy and money theme vector background.Art as a Source of Employment and Foreign Income

Due to the popularity of various forms of art across the world, it is now considered as a potential source of employment. In different parts of the world, art has become a source of tourist attraction. As a result, there is a need for human capital to not only protect the art sites but also provide various services to the tourists that are a source of foreign income to a given country. In India, for instance, the Taj Mal is creating employment opportunities for the locals who capitalize on the visiting tourists.

How Art is Influencing Pop Culture

Popular cultures all over the world have often been influenced by a particular event. However, as more people across the world are beginning to appreciate art, there seems to be a shift towards popular cultures that derive their influence from art. For instance, some notable dressing styles are associated with certain types of music. Fashion exhibitions around the world are also influencing the decision of fashion enthusiasts regarding what to wear.


The benefits derived from art are numerous, and since art is not static, it is assumable that different types of art will continue to emerge and have an influence on humankind’s way of life.

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