The history of art can be traced back to the beginning of humankind and may denote something that is creative, appealing to eyes or generates excitement to enthusiasts. Around the world, various art forms serve different purposes to the intended audiences.

Popular Art Forms

In essence, some of the popular art forms around the world include:

  • Film
  • Paintings
  • Photograph
  • Music

Factors Influencing Art

The proponents of art concur that art is influenced by culture and traditions embraced by a particular group.

Purposes that Art Serves

Some of the purposes that art is viewed to serve in the society at large include, for instance, communicating ideas that are either political, spiritual or philosophically based.

What Keeps Art Going

Since the genesis of human race, various tools were necessary to sustain life on planet earth. Such tools included, for instance, those for hunting and piling the land to grow subsistence food. However, as time passed by, humankind increasingly became thrilled with their creations. Subsequently, they began to appreciate art and made it part of their culture that has been passed from one generation to another since time in memorial.

Through art, history and culture of the ancient times are still alive as evident in the museums and art galleries across the world today. Similarly, through art, the X, Y and Z generations of the modern world are reminded of the accomplishments of their ancestors or forefathers. Conversely, while there are various platforms that individuals can use to express their emotions or worldviews, art is considered today as a powerful tool for self-expression and interpretation.

84612853_thumbnailHow Art is Spreading World Over

The World over, it is evident how artists are using, for instance, caricatures to express the inadequacies in various government establishment. Further, Graffiti are common in areas where the plight of the people is ignored by their governments. In Palestine, for instance, artists are using Graffiti to express and interpret some of the difficulties they are facing.


Overall, art is important to humans for a number of reasons such as:

  • Creating aesthetic value
  • Entertainment
  • Helping them to express meanings and emotions
  • Preservation of ancient history, culture, and traditions

As art remains part of how the society as a whole expresses itself through various art forms, its use will continue to expand across different sectors of the society.

Art may refer to expressing oneself through various platforms used to advance artwork. Such expressions may also be intended for different purposes such as entertainment. In this context, a common platform that art can use for entertainment purposes includes, for instance, film.

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